“Game Night Glory: Family-Friendly Church Fundraising Fun”

If you have some talented artists, knitters, jewelry designers, and candle-makers in your youth group, consider hosting a craft sale at your church. Gather all of your artisans and ask them if they’d be willing to participate in a craft sale and donate part of the profits as a fundraiser. Then, set up booths in your lobby or a common gathering area so your members can peruse goods for sale before or after a Sunday service.  

Adopt-a-mile fundraiser for mission trips 

Heading out on a youth group mission trip? An adopt-a-mile fundraiser is a perfect way to fund your travel. Ask your congregants to help sponsor the trip you’re taking by church fundraising ideas pre-determined amounts associated with the number of miles you’ll be traveling. Set up a website dedicated to your fundraiser and add a  church fundraising ideas  thermometer so your congregation can easily track how close you are to funding your mission trip miles. 


Give grownups a night off church fundraising ideas get your kids excited for fundraising with a church lock-in. Charge a small fee for admission and plan a night full of engaging games and delicious snacks. Encourage kids to bring a friend along to join in on the fun, all while raising money for your youth group.

The best kind of fundraiser is the kind of fundraiser that requires minimal planning, minimal work, and lets church members support you by buying something they already spend money on. Teaming up with local businesses and franchises is a fantastic way to do that. 

Chains like Chipotle, Target, and other major retailers regularly sponsor “spirit nights” for schools, wherein a percentage of their sales is donated to the featured school. Similar fundraisers are popular with nonprofits, too. Reach out to local businesses and see if you can arrange a similar fundraiser, then make sure your congregants know where to eat or shop! 

Craft nights or classes 

Painting classes are a popular activity for small groups of people. They can be fundraisers, too! See if you have church fundraising ideas in your town that can throw a painting party; those vendors often charge a flat rate that includes their services and supplies for the attendees. You can fold that flat rate into the cost of the event. 

You don’t have to limit lessons to painting, either. Check with your local colleges, art or craft supply stores, artisans, and local companies to learn about other crafting possibilities. And—in the age of Zoom and COVID-19—these classes church fundraising ideas even have to be live. 

You could have congregants create videos on topics ranging from crocheting to canning, and then the private link to watch (and keep) the video on YouTube is sent out in the thank-you email. Customizing your thank-you emails based on donor selections is a breeze on the Qgiv platform! 

Because these fundraising events tend to have a higher direct cost than, say, a rummage sale, this might not be the best fundraising format for a large project. But they’re a great option for smaller groups that don’t need to work with large budgets, and it’s a church fundraising ideas way to have fun with other people in your community that have similar interests. 

A cook-off 

Everyone loves a cook-off. There are a thousand different ways to theme a cook-off, too. Chili cook-offs are a classic. But what about a BBQ cook-off? Or a baking contest? What about a themed cook-off that emphasizes local agriculture? If your town is famous for its strawberries, for example, you could consider having a contest where cooks’ recipes must feature that ingredient. 

Contestants in the cook-off can make a donation as an “entry fee,” and people who want to sample the entries can buy tasters’ tickets. It’s even more fun when winners get prizes – you could even recognize the best cooks at an award show like the one we referenced earlier! 

Awards shows 

So many people offer their time and talents to a church and its ministries, even if they’re not paid staff. The people who are paid staff often go above and beyond their job roles to keep the church running. Putting on an awards program that recognizes the hard work those people offer is a way to raise some money while thanking the people who support you. 

Go all out! Have some serious awards, like most valuable volunteer or most loyal program head, and some sillier ones, like goofiest VBS volunteer or youth group class clown. You can make it as formal or informal as you want! Go for a gala feel, complete with a “red carpet” and photos, or throw a more low-key event. 

Members can be encouraged to buy tickets to the event (which is where the fundraising aspect of this comes into play) but be careful not to ask them to make large donations at the event itself. Thanking volunteers and immediately asking them to donate to you can make your appreciation seem less sincere! 

One of the best things about this type of event is that it’s easy to make it an in-person or virtual event! To change it to a virtual format, you would announce the winners during a live stream, and then arrange for the winners to get their prizes later. 

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